Wheat imports into Brazil in 2020 should reach a record 7.3 million tonnes, amid a review of cereal milling data in the country carried out by the mill association (Abitrigo), which pointed to a tighter supply and greater need external purchases. The review of the milling numbers by the Brazilian Wheat Industry Association was passed on to the National Supply Company (Conab), which thus changed its data in the balance of supply and demand released on Tuesday 12. According to the manager of agricultural products at Conab, Thomé Guth, with the revision, the state-owned company also changed the wheat import data for Brazil in 2019, to 7.2 million tons, compared to 7 million tons of the April projection. Until last month, Conab estimated imports this year at 7.2 million tons, closer to the volumes last seen in 2006. With the revisions, which date back to 2018, Brazil’s wheat consumption in 2020 was estimated record 12.513 million tonnes. For 2018, for example, Conab now estimates wheat consumption by mills in Brazil at 12.175 million tons, versus 10.7 million tons previously (excluding seed wheat). Sought, Abitrigo confirmed the reviews carried out and forwarded to Conab.

Source: G1 / Portos e Navios