Ship refueling at Paraná ports increased in terms of volume as well as the number of procedures. From January to September this year, 558 vessels had their `tanks filled` in Paraná waters – 13% more than in the same period in 2019. There were 302,363 tons of bunker, 17.24% more than the 257,896 tons recorded last year. According to Luiz Teixeira da Silva Júnior, Director of Operations for the Ports of Paraná, “This refueling volume is considered an export. This goes into the port statistics as a product that Brazil is selling abroad since it is used to refuel ships from other countries. It is revenue in the global sense. Both for export and for using manual labor in the port by the company that provides the service. It is all a logistics set up to supply the ships”. According to him, the increase in supply reflects the growth in productivity and port movement. In addition, it is explained by the strategic geographical location of the Port of Paranaguá and the characteristics of the bay. In the ports of Paraná, Petrobras is the only supplier of fuel for refueling ships. The company that provides this service to the Brazilian state-owned company is Navemestra, of the Bravante Group. The service is performed by two barges capable of carrying up to 1,450 tons of fuel. The ship refueling can happen with vessels moored at the pier or at anchor (in the specific mooring area) and, in some cases, the ships go to Paranaguá just to refuel (bunker only). The operation is safe, carried out with containment barriers to prevent any product from falling into the sea. “Due to the number of mooring areas here in the Port of Paranaguá, it is possible that while they wait, they can already refuel”, says Silva. The rules for this service, he adds, include authorization from the port authority for anchoring, payment of port fees, and presentation of detailed work plans. The work is done by seven suitably qualified sailors. With over ten years of experience in this type of activity, they undergo periodic training and qualification. On average, the company refuels 50 to 90 ship supplies per month, and this happens in a limited area with a calmer sea and less vessel traffic. In Paranaguá Bay the limit is close to Ilha das Cobras.

Source: Datamar News