Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, the arrival of foreigners by sea to Brazil is restricted. Currently, a person is only allowed to disembark in two situations: for emergency medical care or to return to their country of origin by air. Disembarkment for repatriation is subject to authorization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MRE) and must be accompanied by Anvisa. Other border control agencies in Brazil, such as the Federal Police and the Federal Revenue Service, are also needed. The company responsible for the vessel is the one who must organize the operation, that is, it is the company that has to carry out the formal consultation with the MRE for disembarkation and repatriation and to arrange questions related to flights, dates and times. According to Technical Note 86/2020, the entire travel, accommodation, and air transportation procedure must be provided by the company. The company must provide the MRE with basic information, such as the location of foreigners, with reference to the vessel or quarantine hotel, the number of people to be repatriated, and the date of the operation, by providing flight and departure times. On the other hand, with the closing of the borders, the MRE will confirm whether the country of destination of the crew member will allow his return. Repatriation is the company’s decision, which may decide to keep the crew onboard the vessels or send them back to the country of origin. This decision, in general, covers issues such as vessel maintenance and the operational planning of each company.

Source: Anvisa