Petrobras announced the arrival of a “sustainable” vessel in Brazil at the end of May, the Suezmax DP2 Eagle Colatina, which should contribute to reducing carbon emissions in maritime transport by saving energy. The company says that the reduction in average fuel consumption reaches 24% compared to other vessels. The ship is built with eco-efficient technologies, with equipment and engine that allow reducing the vessel’s weight. By the end of the year, Petrobras will receive two more sustainable ships, Eagle Cambe and Eagle Crato, which represent about 37% of the fleet of ships contracted by the company. The hiring of ships follows a global market trend. From 2023, all conventional vessels will need to undergo technical modifications to be more sustainable in order to comply with the measures established by the International Maritime Organization.

Sources: Valor/Portos e Navios (*Translated by Ia Niani)