The cargo movement of the Port of Santos will grow 1.6% per year by 2060, reaching 280.1 million tons. Considering the operations of last year, when they passed through the terminals of the region 133.1 million tons, there will be a total increase of 110.44%. The projection integrates the Master Plan of the Port Complex of Santos, a study made available by the Ministry of Infrastructure. The growth of 1.6% per year is predicted in the trend scenario of the survey. In a “pessimistic” view, the annual increase is 1.2%, reaching 233.5 million tons, while in an “optimistic” approach, the percentage reaches 2% and the total, 326.7 million tons. The best perspective of the study, however, is still lower than the growth index registered in 2018. The volume of cargoes operated was 2.4% higher than in 2017, when 129.9 million tons were handled. The Master Plan also analyzes complex-specific operations. In the study, the products with the highest growth expectancy, with a rate equal to or higher than 2% per year, were salt, soyabean meal, steel products, containers and chemical products. The cargoes of soyabeans, corn wheat and cellulose should account for the lowest rates. To reach the calls, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC, through the Logistics and Transport Laboratory) evaluated the projection of cargo and passenger demand, infrastructure and port operations, and waterway and land access. Environmental aspects, the port-city relationship, the administrative and financial management of the port authority, strategic analysis, action plan and investments were also part of the research.

Source: Portos e Navios