Rio Grande is expected to harvest the largest soybean crop in its history, according to estimates by the National Supply Company (Conab), with 18.7 million tons. Of breaking the state must assume the second position in the ranking of greater Brazilian producer of the grain, surpassing the Paraná, that suffered with the climate and had crop failure. “According to agricultural engineer Ricardo Machado Kroeff, good productivity is attributed to crop rotation. With this he believes in a volume up to 15% higher, especially where previously had rice. “The areas that enter the rice field, with soybeans, are also gaining from the lower pressure mainly from diseases,” he points out. The analyst at Safras & Mercado Luiz Fernando Gutierrez says that the expectation of the state is even to beat a record, with 19.3 million tons harvested, above the figures estimated by Conab. The explanation is the favorable climate and the increase of area. Paraná was not so lucky. With the crop loss estimated at 15%, Rio Grande do Sul is ranked second in the national ranking. “There are no relevant problems in the plantations of Rio Grande do Sul and the state should reap the highest productivity in history, we must achieve there an average productivity in the state of 55 bags. This will give us more product, the producer will have more product on hand this season to negotiate, which is something very positive because even if the cost grows he can dilute a little more that cost with more product in hand”, says the analyst of Safras & Mercado Luiz Fernando Gutierrez.

Source: Canal Rural