The construction of the 3rd and 4th Second Generation Ethanol Plants (E2G) was approved by the Raizen’s Board of Directors (E2G) in the Barra and Univalem (Valparaíso) Bioenergy Parks, both in the state of São Paulo. The units are expected to start operation in 2024. Raízen will invest BRL 2 billion ($390 million) to build two new plants, which will add a capacity of 164 thousand cubic meters of biofuel per year. “The simultaneous construction of two E2G plants are important milestones in the progression of the company’s strategy to expand its profitable renewable portfolio. We believe in the high energy and sustainable potential of sugarcane and our reward is to have the positive response of the market to our products, driving the expansion of Bioenergy Parks and giving us the opportunity to lead, together with our partners and customers, the global energy transition”, said Ricardo Mussa, CEO of Raízen. The new investments consolidate the company as the only producer in the world to operate 4 cellulosic ethanol plants on an industrial scale, with a total installed capacity of 280 thousand cubic meters per year, of which 80% was already commercialized in long-term contracts.

Source: Jornal Cana (*Translated by Ia Niani)