Petrobras will increase the average prices of gasoline at its refineries by 5% and the price of diesel by 7%, starting today (27), informed the state-owned company. It is the fourth consecutive increase in gasoline prices this month and the second for diesel, which was readjusted by 8% on the 18th, the first of the year by the company. The adjustment comes amid the recovery of oil prices in the global market over the month of May. With the increase of 7%, or R $ 0.10 per liter, the average price of Petrobras diesel for distributors will increase to R $ 1.51 per liter. The 5% increase in gasoline will represent R $ 0.06 per liter, representing an average price of R $ 1.32 per liter to distributors. Despite the increases, in the accumulated result for the year, gasoline accumulated a reduction of 30.9% and diesel, a reduction of 35.4%, according to information from the company’s advisory. Weekly survey by the National Agency of Petroleum, Natural Gas and Biofuels (ANP), between May 10 and 16, shows that the average price of common gasoline in the country was R $ 3.808. The S-500 diesel was R $ 3.055. Ethanol, of R $ 2.548. “Our pricing policy for gasoline and diesel sold to distributors is based on the import parity price, formed by international quotations for these products plus the costs that importers would have, such as transportation and port taxes, for example. Parity is necessary because the Brazilian fuel market is open to free competition, giving distributors the alternative to import products ”, explains, in a note, the state-owned company. Prices refer to the value sold to distributors from refineries. The final value to the driver will depend on the market, since each service station has its own pricing policy, on which taxes, operating and labor costs are levied.

Source: Jornal Cana