Petrobras imported a record of 23 million m³/day of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in 2021. The company stated on Wednesday (January 12) that the volume was nearly 200 percent higher than the volume imported in the previous year. The movement took place in a year of strong thermoelectric demand, due to the worst drought ever recorded in hydroelectric reservoirs in more than 90 years. Petrobras imports LNG from countries such as the United States, Trinidad & Tobago, and Qatar. “LNG represented roughly 30% of Petrobras’ overall portfolio of natural gas supply in the same year, and was vital to meet the demands contracted by its customers,” the company claimed. Petrobras emphasized that it was working to increase the supply of the input to the market through efforts such as expanding the capacity of the Rio de Janeiro regasification terminal. The daily record of external LNG purchases took place on October 1st, with the import of more than 40 million m³. Previously, the year with the highest volume of LNG imports was 2014, with 20 million m³/day.

Sources: CNN Brasil/Datamar News