The 2020/2021 grain harvest in Paraná could reach 42 million tons, a volume 3% higher than the previous cycle. The total area (10.2 million hectares) is 2% larger this season. Data are from the Department of Rural Economy (Deral), the State Secretariat for Agriculture and Supply. The first estimate of the winter harvest released on Thursday (25) points out that production could reach 4.5 million tons and 1.4 million hectares. Of the total, 3.8 million tons correspond to the wheat crop, up 21% when compared to the previous harvest. The growth of the soybean harvest (75%) and the first corn harvest (74%) have also stood out in the monthly report. Both harvests have been impacted by the drought and later excessive rainfall. “Despite the difficulties due to climate changes, soybean producers have been well paid”, says the head of Deral, Salatiel Turra. The delay in the beginning of the corn harvest came to worry the producers regarding the supply and the animal protein sector, since corn is the main input of this chain.

Sources: Agricultura de SP/Noticias Agrícolas (*Translated by Ia Niani)