Last weekend, the Port of Itajaí received a mega-ship for the first time. The vessel EVER LAUREL, which was 334.98 meters long and 48.80 meters wide, bears the Singapore flag and has the capacity to transport up to 8452 TEU. It came from Paranaguá Port and docked at Portonave’ berth 2 on May 31st. On June 1, the vessel’s exit maneuver was performed, which is the first turn maneuver in the new evolution basin area. The maneuver began at 10 am, with the ship towed from the stern (aft) to the Afonso Wippel Bay (Saco da Fazenda), where the new basin is located. After being positioned, it completed a 180 ° turn and followed on towards the Port of Montevideo. To ensure safety, access to the Itajaí Port Complex was prohibited during the ship’s entry and exit. As a result, the ferry boat service, Marina Itajaí, and fishing vessel activity all had to be paused. The maneuver was coordinated and monitored by the Superintendency of the Port of Itajaí, by the Brazilian Navy (Police Station of the Captaincy of the Ports of Itajaí), by Pilotage, by the Port Terminals (APMT and Portonave) and by the tugboat company. Technical studies and engineering projects for the new Evolution Basin of the Itajaí Port Complex began in 2012. As it was located between the berths of the Port of Itajaí (APM Terminals) and Portonave, the old basin area was limited and did not allow larger ships to maneuver. The Afonso Wippel bay was suggested by one of the oldest pilots in Itajaí, and among all the locations presented, it was, according to technical studies, the most suitable for the new maneuvering area.

Source: Datamar News