Soyabean prices fluctuated between stable and higher in the main squares of the country. Rising stock prices on the Chicago Stock Exchange after consecutive declines appear to have boosted prices in Brazil. However, the pace of business remains slow, with the lower US dollar limiting interest from agents. In Passo Fundo (RS), the 60-kilo bag followed at R $ 74.50. In the region of Missions, the price remained at $ 74. In the port of Rio Grande, price went from $ 78.50 to $ 79. In Cascavel, Parana, the price increased from $ 72 to $ 73 per bag. In the port of Paranaguá (PR), the bag went from R $ 78.50 to R $ 79. In Rondonópolis (MT), the bag stabilized at R $ 68. In Dourados (MS), the price followed at R $ 68.50. In Rio Verde (GO), the bag remained at $ 71.

Source: Canal Rural