Cascavel, Paraná’s main soybean producer in the west of Brazil, will be the logistics hub for Nova Ferroeste. According to preliminary layout and demand studies, the expectation is that more than 8 million tons of grain will pass annually through the transshipment terminal already installed in the city. The railway that will connect Maracaju (MS) to the Port of Paranaguá will be 1,285 kilometers long. “Because of its geographic location, Cascavel will be the major pole for attracting cargo in Paraná. Not to mention that the municipality already has a structure established with the Cotriguaçu terminal, which handles about 4000 to 5000 containers per month”, highlighted the coordinator of the Railway Work Group of the State of Paraná, Luiz Henrique Fagundes. “For all these reasons, Cascavel is without a doubt the logistics hub of Nova Ferroeste”. The preliminary study assessed the existence of five terminals along the railroad. In addition to Cascavel, the other 4 terminals are: Aracaju (the project’s ground zero) with the potential for transshipment of approximately 6.5 million tons/year of grains; Amambai (MS), handling 4.5 million tons/year; Guaíra, handling just over 4 million tons/year; and Foz do Iguaçu, handling approximately 2.5 million tons/year.

Source: Datamar News