Amaggi announced on Thursday its project to track and monitor all its grain suppliers. The company is committed to eliminate deforestation, whereas removal of native vegetation will be measured by 2025. “We have been planning this challenging goal for a long time and we have already achieved excellent results. With the most advanced monitoring system in the industry, by 99% of direct suppliers were tracked last year. We are world leaders in socio-environmental certifications, also we have a cutting-edge agricultural production. All this is only possible because we know our business. We are both producers and close to our partner producers, we listen to the suppliers. So, we know the challenges, and, with a lot of negotiation, we can take the right steps to achieve our goals. I’m sure it is going to work out”, said Juliana Lopes, the director of ESG, Communication and Compliance at Amaggi. The company said that it will reduce emissions from its supply chains by 2035, as well it will eliminate emissions and become carbon neutral by 2050.

Source: Canal Rural (*Translated by Ia Niani)