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More than 100 years of competence and experience

A combination of tradition, efficiency and quality attendance is the constant goal of WILLIAMS Serviços Marítimos Ltda. Our offices in the main Brazilian ports, along with solid partnerships, allow us to maintain a large network for attendance in those ports, always with the same high quality services rendered by our Company.

Besides our territorial presence, we can rely on a competent and experienced Team of colleagues who are completely dedicated to performing their duties to offer our Brazilian and International clients the best possible attendance.

All of our efforts are to do justice to our History, which started over 100 years ago and which our Directors are continuing.

Our Mission and Values are based on ethical principles within the whole chain of the maritime industry, including Social Actions of great collective importance.



Glynne Williams – Commercial and Operations Director
+55 (11) 98375-5772
+55 (13) 99711-1117
+55 (81) 99989-4900

Evaldo Williams – Agency General Director
+55 (81) 99971-1764


José Evaldo Williams – Commercial Superintendent
+55 (11) 96081-6998

Djurdjica Petrovic dos Santos (JU) – Commercial Manager
+55 (13) 97416-9767

Proforma D/A, Operations & Documentation

Petrucio Lamenha – Communications General Manager
+55 (81) 99952-2786

Roberto Amorim – Agency General Superintendent
+55 (81) 99969-9539

Antonio Fernandes – Head Office Operations General Manager
+55 (81) 99971-3645

Ageu Nascimento – Maceio Branch Manager
+55 (82) 99976-6323

José Luiz Dalmiglio – Santos General Manager
+55 (13) 97419-7835

Manoel Jorge Tavares – Vitoria Branch Manager
+55 (27) 99981-2373

Diego Francisco Barbosa – Santos Communications Manager
+55 (13) 97408-4641

Guilherme Teixeira – Documentation Manager
+55 (13) 97406-8004

Kenya Maciel – Export, Import and Foreign Trade Manager
+55 (81) 99472-9172

Marcelo Damasio – General Manager Export & Import Department
+55 (81) 98838-3198

Bruno Felipe C.Barbosa – Paranagua Senior Operations Supervisor
+55 (41) 99978-0340

Mohamad Kimel Asi – Santos Operations Manager
+55 (13) 97414-0693

Filipe Carvalho Urbano – Santos Operations Supervisor
+55 (13) 97409-1304

Mauricio Canelas  – Documentation Department
+55 (13) 97406-0205

Reika Janiszewski – Head Office Manager for Operations, Ports and Brazilian Port Terminals
+55 (21) 98176-5419

In 1880, when Mr. ARTHUR LLEWELLYN G.WILLIAMS, who was born into a merchant family dealing with sugar and cotton Importation in LIVERPOOL was 23, he sailed to RECIFE launching the history of WILLIAMS Serviços Maritimos Ltda.

After arriving in RECIFE, he met his own cousin and brother-in-law, Mr. JOHN H.BOXWELL, and in MACEIO they founded J.H. BOXWELL & CO., which would be oriented to sugar and cotton Import & Export and to serve as Shipping Agents.

The ROYAL MAIL STEAM PACKET CO. Shipping Agency acquired by ARTHUR WILLIAMS was of fundamental importance to start the business in BRAZIL.

ARTHUR WILLIAMS was appointed as the Norwegian and Swedish Vice Consul in MACEIO.

In 1892, the name of the Company was changed to BOXWELL WILLIAMS & CO.

Eight years later, the Company name changed again to WILLIAMS & CO.

Beginning in 1916, ARTHUR WILLIAMS´ son, MAURICE GRIFFITH WILLIAMS, took over the Administration of the Company.

MAURICE WILLIAMS died in 1939 and command of the Company passed to MARIO DE ALBUQUERQUE MELLO who had already worked in the Company for several years and acquired most of the Shares.

On MAURICE WILLIAMS’ death, MARIO legally added WILLIAMS as his last name so that the name of the Company would not have to be altered.

MARIO WILLIAMS then directed the Company´s business to acting as Shipping Agents, which led to closing down the Import and Export business.

In 1952, the Firm assumed its present name WILLIAMS Serviços Marítimos Ltda.

With the sale of the warehouses and pier owned by the Company in MACEIO, MARIO WILLIAMS invested in the consolidation of the Shipping Agency operations with the intention of improving the Company´s service infrastructure.

From 1953 to 1995, the Administration was shared between the sons of MARIO WILLIAMS: RINALDO, EVALDO and JOÃO MARIO.

In 1995, RINALDO ALBUQUERQUE sells his Shares of the Company.

From 1995 to 2003, the Administration is conducted by EVALDO A.MELLO and his three sons, MARIO WILLIAMS NETO, GLYNNE WILLIAMS and EVALDO WILLIAMS.

The three sons of EVALDO A.MELLO, MARIO WILLIAMS NETO, GLYNNE WILLIAMS and EVALDO WILLIAMS, acquired in September 2003, the Shares of their uncle, JOAO MARIO ALBUQUERQUE, and became the sole Shareholders and Directors of the Company, to date.

Photos of our Founders

Historic documents of our Past


Our Mission is to provide the best service to ships calling in Brazilian ports. Through our own wide network of offices and consolidated partners, we work professionally and ethically to ensure that the operations of our clients´ vessels, whether they be Owners, Charterers, Importers or Exporters, are always very successful.


Our Values stem from specialized services and ethical principles which respect the environment, offering the community and service providers attendance in ports with a solid base integrated in the various segments of ships operations.

Since 1995, WILLIAMS has contributed to UNICEF programs by purchasing their Christmas cards to send to friends and clients. We also do important work with children in BRAZIL, especially in the most needy areas.

In 2003, WILLIAMS contributed to the “Passage House” ( a Non Government Organization (NGO) created for the purpose of assisting homeless adolescents with special needs. Those children made drawings for the Company’s calendar in 2003.

Since 2004, other special calendars have been printed using drawings made by children assisted by another NGO called the “Support Nucleus for Children with Cancer” – NACC ( Besides shelter during treatment, the patients have access to various medical specialists, such as psychologists, dentists and occupational therapists who work as volunteers.

WILLIAMS also makes frequent philanthropic contributions to many other entities in BRAZIL in order to assist those most in need.

One of the Company´s aims is to continue this gesture to contribute to the development of citizens. To do this, we count on the preference of our clients for our services in order to continue our efforts toward friendly help to children and adolescents in BRAZIL.